Russell Hobbs R-Vac Robotic Vacuum Cleaner RHRV100 Review

Russell Hobbs R-Vac Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Russell Hobbs R-Vac

Russell Hobbs better known for its kettles and kitchen appliances has launched it’s own Robotic Vacuum Cleaner the RHRV100  or R-Vac

At first glance the R-Vac seems to have similar controls to other robotic vacuums on the market. It has three settings:Russell Hobbs Robotic Vacuum


1. Automatic Cleaning, where the vacuum uses an algorithm to clean the room with a series of zig zag patterns, increasing spirals and edge following. On this setting the vacuum will cover the same area more than once, to ensure proper cleaning through out.

2. Spot Cleaning, used normally to contentrate on small areas, where there has been say a spill or a localised area of dirt. The Robot will clean a 1 metre square in a spiral mode for three minutes before ceasing operation

3. Charge. The vacuum will cease to clean and search for the docking station or base unit, by methodically working over the cleaning area. Once the docking station is located R-Vac will dock automatically and begin to charge.

The R-Vac can be operated by remote control and this unit is included in the price. With this unit, you can schedule or pre program your vacuum to run at a particular time and up to seven days in advance. An important point to note and possibly a negative point, is that even if the bin is full or the brushes require cleaning, the vacuum will still continue to clean at the time scheduled via the remote control, so although automatic, you still have to remember to empty the bin.

R-Vac a quality Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The R-Vac also comes with a neat device called a “Space Isolator” This creates an invisible line where ever it is placed, so that the R-Vac will not cross. This acts as a barrier and stops the R-Vac from falling down a flight of stairs.

As previously mentioned although designed to be automatic, all robotic vacuums need regular maintenance, bin cleaning, brush cleaning, to ensure the machine functions to its full potential. So this isn’t a true set and forget… not yet anyway!!

The noise is pretty low at only 52dB and fully charged, the R-Vac will hoover for up to 2 hours.

As with other models, it has 3d detection anti collision sensors, counter rotating bristle brush and beater with side spinning brushes for better cleaning of edges and corners.

All in all it is very similar to other models currently on the market, it looks stylish and fits in with Russell Hobbs quality status of performance and reliability . It will be available for sale at around $499